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My trusty CLK320 (W208) has finally reached a point, after 8 years and over 121 thousand miles, where I've been feeling the tug for something new. Back in 1997, I'd canceled my order for an SLK230 (R170) when I had the chance to first get my hands on what was then a brand new CLK. But once the R171 was rumored, spy pictures posted, and later shown at auto shows, I had the feeling that it would be my next car.

After a brief test drive in July 2005, I walked away with an order placed on a new SLK350. Being the car geek I am, the first thing I did after that was start hunting around for whatever information I could find on the car -- now in it's second year of production. In these pages, I will share all that I've found worthy of me keeping on my own servers, and references to many others that hopefully you will find useful and entertaining as well.

The best source of owner information I've found thus far are a combination of owner and enthusiast web sites. I'll be adding more detail here soon, but for now this is just here to announce more to come.

Use the navigation links to the left to delver into more detail. For now, I have posted:

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