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I have been doing some work with fused glass (COE 90), including dichroic glass, lately with Sue Widup. We have been learning together about how the glass behaves, design possibilities, and using new tools to prepare pieces for eventual inclusion in other works for SassiDesigns and eventual sale.

I'll be capturing details we've picked up as time goes on. For now, I've posted a sample of pieces I've done so far. We have been learning more about how to work with the glass, so expect to find them becoming more deliberate and better designed. We are planning for additional classes and workshops at Hot Box Stained Glass in Walnut Creek, and our work will continue to improve as we learn more. I've also posted the results of pieces I've worked on in classes.

I recently worked with a local glass artist (Opal Art Glass) to get some lamp shades made for my bedroom. I've had the pleasure to watch them in action in the studio, and they routinely take part in open houses held by local artists in the Benecia area. I took some photos of these talented artists in action.

Page Updated: Thursday, August 13, 2009