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Anyone who's known me for any length of time soon learns of my love and passion about cars, particularly Mercedes-Benz. I was thrilled when I learned that MB USA was soliciting pictures of owners with their cars, as part of an upcoming campaign that would highlight owners. The concept (and, some of us would argue, reality) is captured quite nicely in the following intro to the LoveMercedes web special:

... connect with the real essence of Mercedes-Benz, a story told in words and pictures by the people who drive these extraordinary vehicles...

I have several photos with my CLK from the very first day I picked him up at the dealership, but my favorite is one taken by a friend of mine who's an amateur photographer. You can click the image below for a closer look. I was especially excited to learn that my photo made it far enough in the selection process that I and the photographer were asked to submit release forms. Sadly, though, I learned that it was not selected. *sniff*

Me & My CLK 320

Another photo that I would have loved to submit was one of my mom and my car (below). If only her head hadn't been cut off in the image! *chuckle*

Mom Pays Worship to The Star

For now at least, you can visit the LoveMercedes site, though it's URL suggests it's transient so I don't know how long it will be there. Since I like to collect them anyway, I have preserved a copy of the currently running television ads below. Click the images to view them.

Faithful (short)   Faithful (long)
Poses   The Love Never Fades

There have been a few people who have expressed interest in the background music used in Poses commercial. After some investigation, it turns out that the song is Au Reve by Cassius (or here). Not wanting to take too many liberties, you can find links to purchase the Au Reve track from links on Cassius' web site and another called Media Club, that charges for downloads by the MB.

As for the song in the Love Never Fades commercial, that's called Amazed by MoZella. It's available through several sources, just search for the song and artist name.

Page Updated: Thursday, July 06, 2006