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Just getting started here. But as I run into more humorous items about the SLK R171, I'll add them here.

In the U.S. market, the SLK has a button on the control panel that is always blank. A few of us in BenzWorld just weren't happy with this state, so ideas started floating around for what we might use such a button for. My personal favorite was for passenger ejection, so I took a few minutes and went to work mocking up some examples for that this might look like. :-)

The button in question is the second one to the right of the big red triangle -- where the Parktronic disable button goes in all other markets. In this case, I took the image of the seat (with headrest) from the AirScarf button, deleted the wavy line from that, and then pasted in the eject icon from the DVD controls on the COMAND console. So, it's quite literally "Eject Seat".

For this example, I used the car icon from the roof control button (on the lower console), deleted the bit that represented the roof itself, and twisted the arrow (showing the motion of the roof) to instead show the intended direction of travel for the passenger. :-)

Page Updated: Monday, May 22, 2006