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I've always enjoyed capturing a moment but was always a little put off with having to deal with printed materials, film processing, etc. A few years back I got my first digital camera and it really became apparent how much I enjoy taking pictures. You'll find evidence of this in various parts of my site. I have been seeking to become more deliberate in the manner in which I compose and capture images, but haven't really devoted serious time to it. I would consider myself what Ken Rockwell calls a "snapshooter."

Apart from basic snapshooting, I have done specific work on more project type activities, in support of some jewelry articles that Ronda Coryell and Sue Widup are working on, and have started a page to show what's been published. I've also posted a sampling of images related to these same activities, published or not.

What I hope to do over time is enhance my skills and really explore a more creative aspect to making images I and others can enjoy. Sure, I'll still capture memories and candids... but I am interested to see how the things I learn will affect even those more mundane activities.

Page Updated: Sunday, February 28, 2010