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Just to get a handle on all the different ideas or in-progress stuff I have bouncing around in my head, I decided to jot stuff down in here as it occurs to me. I can easily see this growing beyond the scope of "technogeek", but it will live here for now.

A Real Blog Tool

Maybe I'm just stubborn, but as long as I'm going to host a web domain I'd rather not be using a generic site to host a blog. I have accounts on LiveJournal, MySpace, and others... but I do those mostly so that I can network and interact with others. I don't really want to make them the center of my Net identity.

So, what I'm hoping to do is implement TIMTAB and related TYPO3 extensions in my site before too long. I gather there may indeed be other alternatives to this, but whatever I do I want it easily integrated into TYPO3. Ideally it will involve an extension, since that would leave open the door to things like cross-linking and content reuse.

Gallery Redux

When I approached the question of photo galleries and my web site last time around, my goal was to take advantage of the tools I was using and try to come up with something that would allow me to do as little rework as possible. To that end, I wound up with the following stack:

  • iView Media Pro (Mac)
  • DAV Server (Apache)
  • Web Server (Apache, on same host)
  • TYPO3 + GraphicsMagick
  • Photo gallery extension (using XMP added to files by Media Pro for comments, etc)

This arrangement did have some subtle "features", but worked reasonably well for my purposes. But since I've moved my site to a hosted solution, the "on some host" part has been broken. I now have to rsync files between home and the hosted system to keep this functional. So I've wondered whether I should revisit this and see if maybe there is a better way to approach it.

  • Use DAM extension(s) in TYPO3 for media management in general
  • Migrate primary DAV service to hosting, which would also allow me to retire Solaris host
  • Return to a traditional media workflow on Mac and pre-process images for web site

At this point, this is still all just thinking out loud. But I do recognize that having to push files around has made me avoid the whole task -- I still don't have my Vermont pictures from June '07 posted! -- and that's really not a good thing.


The following items have been completed. Yay!

Split Web Logs and Generate Custom Stats

Completed: 11/10/2007

One of the things I used to just do for each domain I hosted at home was to keep udpated webalizer and AWstats output. I haven't worked this out in the hosted environment, but I would like to set it back up there so that I can resume this feature for each domain. Yeah, the hoster provides such tools... but they kind of suck. Smiley

Web Site Migration to Hosting

Completed: 11/7/2007

I just recently moved what I thought was going to be a real challenge, my mom's Frontpage-based site, from my Solaris box to the hosting provider I've been with for about a year now. I have a few other straggler sites still on Solaris that I want to just get migrated. So this is probably the highest-priority short term "geek" project for me. No, it's not rocket science. I just want to get it done.

The funny part, and I guess why I haven't felt more driven to finish it up, is that this won't mean that I can shut the Solaris box down. I still have a pretty sizable disk array connected to it (1TB ATA Promise array) and use DAV against it. So... there may be other related geek projects. With disk drive sizes and cost the way they are going, it may be to reduce the array to just a pair of mirrored disks... haha But that's the potential subject of a separate entry on this list.

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