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Here you will find information about the TYPO3 content management system, including details regarding how to use the editor interface to maintain content within a site using this tool.

Maintaining Content

In order to maintain content for your site, you must access what is called the "back-end". To access this, point your browser at http://<your domain>/typo3/. Upon doing so, you will be prompted for a login, which you will have been provided separately. If you have any difficulty logging into the back-end or encounter trouble trying to do something there, please let Bill know.

See the Getting Started section in this page for further information regarding how to use the "back-end". You may also find the Video Demonstrations useful as you become familiar with this new tool.

There are many resources available on the Internet regarding TYPO3. The most important of these is the TYPO3 site itself,

Getting Started

TYPO3 can take a little effort to get used to. But once you get past the basics, it is really rather easy to get around and be productive. The TYPO3 Tutorial (PDF) covers a great many of the basic tasks required to use TYPO3 for content management. You may notice some differences between the images therein and what you'll see on your site, but that is largely due to it being a more recent version.

Video Demonstrations

These are a few interactive videos to introduce some of the more common operations in TYPO3.

Please note that these are all multi-language Windows Media files. With Media Player 9, you will have to select which audio you want to hear by using the Play, Audio and Language Tracks menu — or you will be listening to German, by default. You can select a language for just this time, or use Options... to select your default languages for the future -- I suggest doing this so you don't get surprised again by it later.

Choosing a Language
Page Updated: Sunday, November 11, 2007