This is a generic collection of all the picture galleries I've posted. You will find references to them from elsewhere on the site, depending on their contents. Some may also include pictures posted elsewhere, or from other galleries as well.


Dena's Graduation

Idaho 09/2003

Idaho 11/2003

Wentz Reunion

Christmas 2003

CLK Accident

CLK Day-One

CLK Wheels

Mother's Day 2004

Sue Widup's 40th

Sex Toys Attack

Leta Gibbons' 40th

Ted Gutierrez's Birthday

Mike Frezzo's 30th

Mikey Gets a Trim

These galleries have more to do with the product photos and jewelry stuff. Especially those for the German collection aren't intended for professional or product use, so the care taken with backgrounds reflects that.


West German Bracelets

West German Broaches

West German Earrings

West German Necklaces

West German Rings

Jewelry Sampler


These are some older photos, mostly of stuff I scanned for folks rather than ones I've photographed personally.


Marquit House 2003


Sandra's Wedding