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Of the many photos I'm collecting, these prominently include yours truly.

[My face] Here's the obligatory mug shot -- cropped from a picture taken at Grace Cathedral. I'm one of those who squints when I smile, so I'm afraid you can't see my eyes here. People have better luck with that sort of thing when meeting me in person.
[Grace Cathedral] This was taken during a visit to Grace Cathedral, in San Francisco. It's a wonderful place to visit, if you're into stained glass and architecture. There's also a wonderful labrynth there -- not the hedge-type, though.
[Renee, Mom] This is a studio portrait taken sometime in 1993, including my sister, Renee, my mom, and me. Click the image for a larger version.
[Rafting] This is a shot taken from one rafting trip I took down the south fork of the American River. Also in the shot are my sister, Renee, and her fiance, Shawn -- in the front on the right side of the shot. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm the one on the left who looks like he's about to become airborne. Click the image for a larger version.
[Sandy] This is a more recent picture, taken one evening when the family had dinner at my mom's place. This is me and my aunt, Sandy.
[Group] This is another picture from that evening. Included are myself, my mom, her boyfriend, Ernie, my sister, Debbie, and Ernie's son, Bryan. As you might also discern, I'm a big Dilbert fan. And, yes, I am allergic to stupidity (amongst other things).
[Disney Trip] This photo was taken during a trip down to Disneyland in May 1998. Featured are myself and Terry.
[Disney Wedding] This was a group shot of the attendees of the wedding Terry and I attended during that same trip. You haven't lived until you've seen the bride arrive in Cindarella's carriage!



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