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Some collecting is deliberate and some happens quite by accident. But over time I've managed to find a few things to collect. I'm just beginning this area, and plan to have examples of my collecting and refernces to more information on the specific subjects here. For now, though, the details are sparse. Smiley


One very deliberate focus of my collecting for some time has been Mercedes-Benz. I have a whole section of my web devoted to the subject, in fact. But what I haven't yet documented are the items that were actually the focus of my collecting... documents, books, press kits of favorite models, scale models. In particular, I have a fascination with the C111 and am always looking for new examples and related items for this never-sold model.

Andy Warhol

Although I don't collect Warhol in general, he did have a commission from Daimler-Benz AG in the mid 1980's for a series of images of their cars. The series wasn't completed before Warhol's death, and DCAG (now DaimlerChrysler) still retains all the original artwork. So, the only things we collectors can get our hands on art reproductions. I have managed to come across some of the less common ones, and I'll be posting pictures and information about these.

Tim "Frogman" Cotterill

The work of this amazing artist came to my attention quite by accident. Sue and I had wandered into Studio 7 in Pleasanton, drawn in by an interest in seeing what glass art they had, and were smitten with some of the bronze sculpture they had on display. At first it wasn't clear what the material was, because each piece has a petina that could almost be mistaken for enamel.

I'll add some more background on these soon. But I was inspired to document this to begin with due to a recent visit by the Frogman himself. Sue and I went to have our pieces signed and to meet the artist behind these lovely characters. I've posted some pictures from the event, for now.


I can't really say that I started into glass with the idea of collecting it. In fact, my introduction to fused glass came from Sue. She'd been working with fused glass to compliment jewelry she was making with PMC. Along the way, she and I have learned more about how to work with this glass and have tools to make more things possible than when she first sparked my interest in glass.

The glass pieces I've gathered have not only caught my eye, but also have intrigued me in how they were constructed. A key example of this is a set of glass lamp shades I have. The first was merely purchased in a local gallery, but the other two were custom made by the same glass works. My interest in having a set wound up spawning a bit of a different design and gave me a chance to see some really talented glass blowers at work.

Other Art

I have managed also to gather a few other artistic works. I'll document some examles here, especially where there is a story behind either why the piece was of interest or how it came to be in possession.

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