William W. Taroli


Technical Skills
Strengths software lifecycle, coding standards/maintainable code, verbal/written communication, system administration, network administration, storage/SAN administration, performance tuning, cross-platform integration, data modeling, database administration, release management, revision control
Technologies Storage & server virtualization, Fibrechannel, SAN, RAID, SCSI, DCE/RPC, CTI, ODBC, MAPI, LAN/WAN
Operating Systems AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Windows (up to 2003), VMware (GSX, ESX, Virtual Center), Tru64, Cisco IOS, MacOSX
Network Appliance (F8xx, FAS9xx), HP (HDS) XP512 & XP1024, StorageTek 9176, Xyratex (4200, FFX2), Sun 6130/6140, StorageTek VA9xxx, IBM FAStT, EMC FC4500, EMC CX-400, Sun T3
Languages C, C++, Perl, Java, PHP, UML, Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, PL/SQL, Transact/SQL, Unix shell, LISP, Pascal, COBOL, Modula, Scheme, Joyce, BASIC
Databases Oracle Enterprise Server, SQL Server, TurboIMAGE, IMAGE/SQL, Allbase, FoxPro
Other Products Oracle Application Server (OAS), Brio Enterprise Server, Kintana, Vantive Enterprise, Apache, IIS, Crystal Reports, Crystal Info, Genesys T-Server suite, Nortel OpenIVR, Nortel Meridian (ACD), Cognos QUIZ, Cognos PowerPlay, Envision

Senior Engineer, Customer Care,
Agile Software Inc.
December 2004 to

  • Manage customer support lab, including applications, systems, storage, and networking.
  • Increased scalability of VMware by 7 times by implementing ESX. Improved effectiveness of support staff.
  • Enabled global utilization of VMware resources by consolidating them into Virtual Center.
  • Designed and implemented SAN to improve utilization of storage assets and support shared access for clusters and VMware ESX.
  • Managed platform migration from ESX 2.x and Virtual Center 1.x to Virtual Infrastructure 3. Completed project ahead of schedule and and without any downtime to the lab or affecting customer issue resolution.
  • Managed consolidation of Support and QA SANs, to enhance ability to leverage resources, increase fabric scale, and simplify administration.
  • Maintain customer support web site, including multiple systems, applications, and databases.
  • Consulted by other teammates and organizations on a regular basis regarding systems management, performance, and design issues. Consulted or engaged in customer issues on an as-needed basis.

Senior Engineer, Environments Management,
PeopleSoft Inc.
May 2003 to
December 2004

  • Lead on AIX platform, all storage devices and SAN, and ICE (defect tracking) production environment.
  • Consulted by other teammates and organizations on a regular basis regarding Unix management, performance, and design issues. Included in some customer calls to help diagnose environment issues.
  • Consulted on design and deployment of Darwin QAE build automation tool.
  • Evaluate and design strategies for use of AIX Dynamic LPAR and Workload Manager.
  • Enhanced configuration tracking application to collect installed application and patch data, to support network security objectives, using XML for  the data exchange.
  • Managed consolidation of NIS domains.
  • Managed migration of all network appliances to safe power, resolution of cross-domain authentication issues, and synchronizing patch levels on all systems.
  • Deployed evaluation SAN environment to validate design for near-future SAN implementation.

Engineer, Environments Management,
PeopleSoft Inc.
June 2001 to
May 2003

  • Designed, developed, and deployed system for collecting configuration data from all systems and maintaining it centrally for reporting, auditing, and lookup.
  • Participated in Clearcase 5.0 validation, testing, and rollout.
  • Implemented NIS homedir usage reporting.
  • Managed project to revoke root permission from users on all systems, including implementation of alternatives to provide a consistent service and functionality level.
  • Designed and implemented shared-use model for Rational Unix applications within PeopleSoft, including redundant license servers for both Unix and Windows.
  • Centrally deployed AIX patches to avoid daylight savings issues.
  • Managed project to deploy Sun FCO for all Sun 3800's to resolve a firmware and I/O board issue.
  • Managed projects for consolidation and migration of network appliances to new hardware.
  • Implemented network management of EMC CLARiiON and Sun T3 arrays.
  • Implemented consistent backup model for all network appliances, enhancing both timeliness and quality.
  • Made significant enhancements to /etc/profile to support changing business needs and other business activities.

Network & Systems Manager,
SkillsVillage Inc.
July 2000 to
June 2001

  • Designed and implemented improved network, including VPN connectivity.
  • Built infrastructure to improve systems management and uptime. Included the racking of systems and full UPS coverage.
  • Managed data and voice implementation during our move to a larger facility. Implemented a network capable of supporting 500+ nodes.
  • Improved systems management by introducing monitoring tools.
  • Managed the configuration and operation of applications and services to support the development and sales application environments.

IT Engineer Consultant, Mobile Computing Division, Hewlett-Packard Company October 1999 to
July 2000

  • Participated in the design and implementation of a server consolidation project. Reduced server count by 75% while offering improved service levels.
  • Managed project to improve accuracy and timeliness of warranty reporting.
  • Managed NT servers, SQL Server databases, and other applications to support MCD's development team and business. Coordinated with development teams and infrastructure IT on a regular basis.
  • Served as division's webmaster for our intranet. Redesigned several portions to improve usability and better leverage it.
  • Utilized as a consultant on a wide range of technical and IT infrastructural issues.

IT Engineer Consultant, Customer eBusiness Solutions, Hewlett-Packard Company October 1998 to
October 1999

  • Managed project for platform upgrade to HP-UX 11, Vantive 8, and Sybase replication 11.5
  • Utilized as a consultant on a wide range of technical issues and business processes. Includes: web management, Y2K compliance, Vantive architecture/development, etc.
  • Managed project to establish Y2K compliance of call center application (WWCCS) and manage ongoing activities to ensure continued compliance. Have become a resource for others in their compliance efforts.
  • Established infrastructure for web site management, and consulted on new site implementations and migrations. Included development of CGI and Javascripts.
  • Established design of PSD WW and WWCCS web sites, based on standards published by hp.com council.
  • Participated in tuning production HP-UX systems. Included analysis of all performance indicators and effort to reconfigure disk array subsystems.
  • Managed NT servers that deliver file, web, and print services.
  • Consulted on CTI integration with existing workflow application.

IT Engineer, Product Support Division / Americas IT, Hewlett-Packard Company October 1995 to
October 1998

  • Utilized as a consultant on a wide range of technical issues and business processes.
  • Managed migration of applications and infrastructure as part of DMO's call center outsourcing project. Included implementation of scalable, flexible infrastructure for information distribution to internal and external call centers.
  • Participated in investigation and design of CTI infrastructure. Received certification as a Certified Genesys Architect.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of the MANIAC call tracking system. Integrated Vantive Enterprise with DCE/RPC servers. Designed and implemented business objects.
  • Lead and participated in numerous process improvement projects.
  • Lead project to analyze capacity of HP-UX systems to identify potential bottlenecks and redundancies, resulting in $100K savings on a yearly basis.
  • Developed AIM packages for software deployment.

IT Engineer, Direct Marketing Organization, Hewlett-Packard Company May 1995 to
October 1995

  • Served as a consultant with other project teams on performance, networking issues, product evaluation, etc.
  • Participated in projects resulting in major modifications to the Literature Distribution System (LDS), including CPO Literature Transition and European LDC.
  • Participated in the design and implementation of Electronic Submittal Client (ELF). Implemented C++ object for email processing.
  • Investigated, recommended, and implemented reporting tools.
  • Developed AIM packages for software deployment.

IT Solutions Specialist, Direct Marketing Organization, Hewlett-Packard Company May 1994 to
May 1995

  • Project lead for the CPO Literature Transition project.
  • Participated in projects resulting in major modifications to the Literature Distribution System (LDS), including Reseller Referral, Print-on-Demand, and CPO Literature Transition.
  • Implemented reports to support DMO's efforts in understanding order profiles, impact of backorder volume on customers, targeting, and data cleanup.
  • Administrated LAN environment for both development and production.

IT Specialist, Direct Marketing Organization, Hewlett-Packard Company June 1992 to
May 1994

  • Participated in the Inquiry Fulfillment project, which resulted in major modifications to the Literature Distribution System (LDS).
  • Participated in design and product investigation for a new system, Literature Profiler (LitPro). Leveraged knowledge of the HP-UX platform and performance issues.
  • Maintained and developed software for the Literature Distribution System (LDS).

Networking Support, Finance and Remarketing Division, Hewlett-Packard Company December 1991
Assisted in the installation and troubleshooting of a LAN serving three buildings.

EDP Support, Corporate Marketing Admin. Systems, Hewlett-Packard Company Summer 1991
Developed tool to extract demographic data from WIN database and translate it for use by an OLAP tool.

Project Lead, Soling Program, Syracuse University Fall 1991 to
Spring 1992
Developed workflow management system for DIX Type, Inc.

PC Technical Specialist, Corporate Marketing Admin. Systems, Hewlett-Packard Company Summer 1990
Developed financial forecasting package for analysis of monthly orders.

Project Lead, Soling Program, Syracuse University Fall 1989 to
Spring 1990
Developed a scriptable, interactive multimedia environment for use in classroom instruction.

Education Computer Science, B.S. cum laude, May 1992
School of Computer and Information Science
Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York